Kids home alone?

Are you one of the millions of American families where your kids might be home alone for a couple of hours before you get home from work?  Do you wonder if they are behaving and making good choices, even though they are old enough to be home alone for a few hours?  And where is the balance between trusting them and being a responsible and watchful parent?

What choices are you left with?

Quit work?

Get a babysitter for a child who is too old for one?

Or is there a happy medium out there?

Yes!  Recently released Home Monitoring System by KJB Security may have come up with a super easy to use product that allows you to see, hear and speak to (yes, speak to)! your kids while they are home without you!  Pretty much plug and play makes this seem like the perfect solution to this age old dilema.  Free software is included and the video can be seen over any internet connection including smart phones.  There are currently two different styles of cameras:

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Both have the same features and are getting a lot of positive response, no only for watching the kids but the elderly parents as well.  The feedback from the kids on these has been that they like knowing their parents are near by and yet not hovering over them.